Why WebEye?

1. Because we are an international company which is developing dynamically

WebEye is one of the leading companies in Hungary in the field of telematics solutions development. The company is wholly owned by Hungarian investors. In less than 15 years, the small group of developers has become the automotive IT supplier for major European operators. The company was founded in 2001, and it has been growing constantly ever since in terms of technology and organizational operations. At present, it has own subsidiaries in 11 countries and employs nearly 300 people on the continent.

2. Because we offer a modern office environment

In May 2016, our head office has moved to the East Gate Business Park in Fót, which is the first state-of-the-art business and logistics centre in the north-east surrounding area of Budapest. The "Nívódíj" (Award of Excellence) awarded office building is situated in a park-like environment, at a distance of only 15 minutes from the city centre. The location is easily accessible from the M3 and M0 motorways, as well as by public transport, using the intercity bus stop.

3. Because we are a predictable and stable workplace

We believe that great results can be achieved in a secure and predictable workplace, and for this reason, we pay particular attention to the promotion of a calm and comfortable working environment. Furthermore, we are aware that enduring values arise from knowledge, individuality and real teamwork, that is why a range of opportunities are offered to our colleagues so that they can, as part of an excellent team, express their creativity and develop their ideas. The success of our thinking is proved by recognitions such as the Hungarian Product Grand Prix and the Innovation Grand Prix awarded to our services.

4. Because it is not a simple job, it is a community

We are committed to preserve the health and the well-being of our employees. We put strong emphasis on the development of community life and the support of sports opportunities complementing everyday work. The annual family days, team building events and Christmas event are part of our non-work, leisure community building activity: we offer visitors exciting programs and recreational possibilities so that they can get away from day-to-day life. It is also important for us to offer sports opportunities: team sports enthusiasts can play football and volleyball on a weekly basis, and we also have our own running team and fishing association.

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